Meet Dr. Jaclyn Munson

Dr. Jaclyn Munson specializes in the treatment and management of vision performance and rehabilitation for athletes, concussive and head injury patients, and students suffering from reading, tracking, and learning related binocular vision disorders. Taking healthy eyes and teaching them to perform as a team for patient success on the sports field, the academic setting, and for the high level business professional is one of Dr. Munson's passions. Dr. Munson's background includes a degree in Biology earned in 2008 from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and her Doctorate earned from the Oklahoma College of Optometry in 2012. 

Dr. Munson completed her residency specializing in the treatment and management of ocular disease, followed by earning her Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry in 2014. Dr. Munson serves as an adjunct professor with the Pacific College of Optometry of Forest Grove, Oregon and active involvement and membership with the American Academy of Optometry, America Optometric Association, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Colorado Optometric Association, Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians, New Mexico Optometric Association, and the Catholic Medical Association.

As a graduate of vision performance training herself, Dr. Munson attributes her successes and improvements in reaction time, eye hand coordination, and her improved putting skills on the golf course to vision performance training.


Dr. Jaclyn Munson would love to speak to your organization about Vision Performance Training and how people can benefit.


Areas of Treatment

There are many different conditions that can be treated with Vision Performance Training. Upon completion of treatment, many patients report improved reading comprehension, increased reading fluency, fewer headaches, less nausea, and improved grades and job performance.


Learning Disorders
ADHD and other behavioral disorders are sometimes actually misdiagnosed vision disorders.

Computer Vision Syndrome
Looking at a computer for hours at a time can cause headaches & fatigue.

Enhance Sports Performance
Vision Therapy can quicken response time and increase field of vision.

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
One eye is does more work to process what is being seen.

Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)
Misalignment of the eyes can cause blurring and vision problems.

Binocular Vision Disorders
Both eyes do not work together to produce a single image. 

Convergence Insufficiency
Both eyes fail to come inward to track items at a close distance.

Accommodative Insufficiency
A difficulty to maintain and hold focus for close up objects.

Head Injury/Concussion
Double vision, tracking issues, eye fatigue, and headaches are common problems.

Oculomotor Dysfunction
When the eyes have difficulty moving from one point to another.

Light Therapy
Some visual processing conditions can be helped with syntonics or light therapy.